2017 Grammy Awards logoThe Grammy’s are always a wild ride and the 2017 Grammy Awards was no exception. Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the program opened with Adele singing Hello.

Comedian James Corden, hosting for the first time, took the stage for a big musical number. He got stuck in the stairs on a lift stunt that supposedly went bad. He had to climb out of the stairs to start the number and walk down the stairs. He then appeared to fall into the stairs. He pulled himself up and then fell down the stairs. Boy, that was some serious physical comedy.

He then stopped the show and said this whole performance was a mess. “We can’t allow this. It’s the Grammy’s people.”

He then went into a rapid rap and one of the lines in there was, “With President Trump we don’t know what comes next.”

He introduced Jennifer Lopez as the first presenter. “At this particular point in history our voices are needed more than ever.” She introduced the category of Best New Artist and the 2017 Grammy Award went to Chance the Rapper!

Clearly excited, Chance the Rapper thanked God, “I claim this victory in the name of the lord.” He thanked his parents, all of Chicago and the amazing people in his life. He got played off the stage, but said, “You all can play the music if you want” before he ended his acceptance speech.

The Weeknd was the next performance. He started with a little Starboy, but sang I Feel It Coming with Daft Punk.

John Travolta’s podium moment at the 2017 Grammy Awards was a bit awkward. He started talking about his phone and not being able to read the prompter before appearing to go off script and read his dialogue off cards he pulled out of his pocket. He introduced Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood who performed The Fighter.

Nick Jonas followed to announce the nominees for Best Pop Duo or Group Performance. The Grammy Award went to Twenty-One Pilots for Stressed Out. They took their pants off in the audience before coming to the podium for their acceptance speech. The explanation for no pants came when he told a tale about watching the Grammy’s sitting in their underwear and said, “If we ever win a Grammy we should receive it just like this.”

Then of course James came back with no pants as he introduced the performance of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

The Best Rock 2017 Grammy Award went to David Bowie for Blackstar. This posthumous Grammy came for Bowie’s twenty-fifth and final studio album.

Lukas Graham performed 7 Years. Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles was the next presenter. She introduced her daughter saying, “With a mothers pride, my daughter Beyoncé.”

Beyoncé exposed her entire pregnant belly while wearing an elaborate headdress as she delivered a show-stopping performance of Lemonade. Beyoncé was in full-effect and received a standing ovation.
The Best Country Solo Performance Grammy Award went to Maren Morris for My Church. She remembered to thank her fans, “And the fans, thank you for giving me the most incredible year of my life.”

James Corden showed up in the audience e in a car cut-out and started off with Jennifer Lopez, but called others in the audience to get in the car with them. He grabbed Neal Diamond and they sang Neal’s hit Sweet Caroline, and the whole audience joined in.

James then introduced Bruno Mars for his hot performance of ‘That’s What I Like.’

Little Big Town were the next presenters. They performed Teenage Dream Capella to introduce Katy Perry with Skip Marley who performed Chained To The Rhythm. They ended the some with, “We The People”on the screen behind them and raised their fists at the end.

James joked about Tweeting with a Trump spin. He invited the audience to tweet and when the tweets were negative he said they were fake tweets.

Barry Clark Jr. came next and performed If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck (I Wouldn’t Have No Luck at All).’
The Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy Award went to Beyoncé for Lemonade as Blue Ivy stood in the audience. She read her acceptance speech, thanked her husband and daughter. She spoke about the message in the music and images shes used in Lemonade. She ended her acceptance speech with, “Thank you for tonight. This is incredible.”

Maren Morris and Alicia Keys performed a moving rendition of Once. The ladies truly earned their standing ovation.

Adele performed a tribute to George Michael and sang Fastlove. She was off. She stopped the song and dropped a few censored words. She apologized and said,”I’m sorry. Can we please start it again? I can’t mess this up for him.” When she did, she was on point. When she finished the song she turned her back to the audience to wipe her tears away and turned back to a rousing standing ovation.

Taraji P. Henson announced the Best Rap Album category. The 2017 Grammy Award went to chance The Rapper for The Coloring Book. He again was very excited and thankful.

James said it was his parents 45th wedding anniversary. He walked over to find them in the audience and his father had Heidi Klum sitting on his lap and his mother was getting close with Nick Jonas. He then introduced Laverne Cox who introduced Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga gave a hard rock performance, flames included, with Metallica. The mike was out for Metallica, but that didn’t stop Lady Gaga from killing the performance and crowd surfing.

Sturgill Simpson performed All Around You.

DNCE followed and introduced the group performance in tribute to the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb and the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever. Demi Lovato started with, Staying Alive. Tori Kelly performed, Tragedy. Little Big Town sang, How Deep is Your Love. Andra Day performed, Night Fear and the group wrapped with, Staying Alive.

Céline Dione made a grand entrance to announce the category of Song of the Year. She mentioned her husband René as she remembered winning Song of the Year 18 years ago for My Heart Will Go On and chocked up a bit. This year the Grammy Award for Song of the Year went to Adele for Hello. Adele tripped up the stairs a bit, but when she reached the podium she apologized for swearing during the George Michael tribute. She thanked Greg Kurstin for the song, but the Grammy’s cut away when he tried to make his acceptance speech.

Solange was next and introduced Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest. Their music got very political and Busta Rhymes called out the president for representing hate and the Muslin ban. The performance ended with, “Resist, resist, resist, resist.”

When James returned he introduced The Time! Nice surprise. They performed for the tribute to Prince. Morris Day and Jerome Benton did their signature dances and the mirror holding that goes along with their routine. Fabulous!

Let’s Go Crazy was performed by Bruno Mars in full purple attire. He also killed the guitar solo at the end.

The Pentatonix mentioned the death of Al Jarreau who died Sunday morning at the age of 76 before their performance. Debra L. Lee was honored briefly before Chance the Rapper took the stage for his big Grammy performance. He did not disappoint.

James acted like he was introducing Kanye West as a surprise guest, but instead introduced the president and CEO of the Grammy’s, Neil Protnow. He called on the president and congress to keep the music playing by updating music laws and supporting music and the arts. He also introduced the 2017 Grammy Awards special In Memoriam tribute. Cynthia Erivo and John Legend performed, God Only Knows before we were shown how many great talents have passed on.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill presented the 2017 Grammy Awards Record of the Year trophy to Adele for Hello.

She gave the Grammy to Greg Kurstinand said into the mike, “You cut him off the last time.” And she also slipped out, “Bloody hell.” She said told Beyoncé she adores her and she wants her to be her mommy.

They also announced Album of the Year and the Grammy Award went to Adele for 25.
She was crying now and said, “Hi, hi, hi everyone” as her team joined her on stage. She praised Beyoncé and said, “The Lemonade album was so monumental.” Beyoncé mouthed she loved her from the audience.

“I love you and I always have and I always will.” “Thank you so much to everybody.”

James ended the 2017 Grammy Awards with a quick, “Goodnight and God bless.”

It was Adele’s night and she made history becoming the only artist to win Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year twice.

And of course politics took center stage, but it’s the Grammy’s. It’s was nothing more than expected.

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